- The ultimate in simplicity

A refreshing beverage at the touch of just 1 button,
how much simpler can a refreshment service be ?

  The Jede 800 offers this and so much more.
Fully automatic with a selection of up to 11 different beverages,
served using the tried and tested In-Cup system.

Each cup is individually pre-packed and pre-dosed to ensure a
perfect drink every time. In addition to the hygienic and simple
mode of operation, the Jede 800 offers an array of user-friendly
optional extras designed to make life easy.

  To put it in a nutshell, the Jede 800 is unique.
Just about everything you could wish for in the most compact machine on the market,
a fully automatic and user friendly vending machine.
   Technical data
860 mm *
2100 W
550 mm
230/240 Volt
580 mm
110 kg *
* Without cabinet