Jede Xcel - vend with style

The Jede Xcel is truly in a league of its own, providing you with beverages
that you previously thought were only available from a specialist coffeeshop.

This sophisticated machine offers a unique "Beverage Variation System"
which allows you to personalise the strength and sweetness of your drinks,
expanding on the wide variety of beverages available, such as Coffee, Espresso,
Café Latte, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Moccachoko... the choice is endless.

The Jede Xcel has been designed to also cater for most drink containers,
for example, cups (plastic, paper or china), mugs, coffeepot and thermos flasks -
making your beverage as versatile as you wish.
    Technical data
860 mm *
2000 W
553 mm
230/240 Volt
580 mm
41 kg *
* Without cabinet