- The machine with a brain!

The Jede 1200 has to be one of the most innovative machines
on the vending market today, with sophisticated simplicity as key.
From it's one touch dispense operation to cost efficient
low maintenance, the Jede 1200 leads from the front.

  The Jede 1200 is three machines in one!
The machine serves among others, coffee, chocolate, cappuccino, tea, soup.
You can also get cold water and other cold drinks according to your tastes and wishes.
Like this wasn't enough, there is an optional can vendor available to add to your choice of beverages. Cold cans (like Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta etc.) are dispensed
at a touch of a button.

With only one touch, the Jede 1200 will quickly deliver the beverages
of your choice which will bring a world of difference to your coffee break.

So if you thought you had seen it all in vending,
  don't just think again - think Jede 1200 !
   Technical data
1830 mm
2300 W
650 mm
230/240 Volt
735 mm
98 kg